Novus MedPlan is a healthcare wellness savings plan that compliments existing medical policies, filling gaps where traditional policies do not provide benefits or cost savings on wellness and non-traditional medicines. Even if you don’t have conventional medical insurance, Novus MedPlan can save you money.

By becoming a member of the Novus MedPlan, you will have access to our provider networks where you will receive cost savings on Wellness products and services such as holistic medicine and medical marijuana . The cost savings range from 20%-50% off the full retail costs for products and services offered by our Provider network.  

Our provider network consists of over 1,000 products and hundreds of services that by using your Novus MedPlan card, you can enjoy significant cost savings.

Novus MedPlan- Arizona

$19.95per month

-No deductibles

-No copays

-No referrals required

-Members can visit any provider in the network

-Members pay the provider directly at the pre-negotiated discounted rate