The History

“Novus MedPlan” was designed to help people who have a need for holistic and alternative medicine. The idea was originally developed a few years ago by a group of innovators in the healthcare field who identified a large gap that traditional insurance plans either didn’t cover or offered such limited coverage that patients needed to meet very large annual deductibles before they could see any financial relief from their insurance company.

At Novus MedPlan, we knew there had to be a better way for people who needed and wanted natural, holistic, and alternative medicine to receive treatment and get their meds at a reduced cost.

Novus met the challenge to reduce the cost of some of these medicines like medical marijuana by establishing a Healthcare Network of Dispensaries that have our members in mind.

So Novus MedPlan was born, and Novus MedPlan aligned themselves with various types of holistic and alternative medicine providers whom, until now, were left outside the so-called “insurance provider” covered services. This is where the Novus MedPlan network began to take shape.

Our goal was to identify both medical marijuana and other alternative healthcare providers located in key geographic areas so that Novus members could have access to the treatment and medicines they needed at a reduced price. This first order of business was to become licensed in your state as a Discount Healthcare Provider Organization to let each state know they were doing everything they should to keep the same high standards traditional insurance companies do. As 2014 progressed, Novus began to see traction and providers became more and more eager to join this revolutionary approach to reducing healthcare costs within the Wellness industry. To date, Novus has established a provider network in Arizona, Vermont, Alaska, Hawaii, and Colorado and will continue to grow their network as the years progress in other states, including California, Washington, New York, and Oregon.